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 Service Title: Facilities Maintenance Coordinator

 Status/Hours: Full-time Support Staff, Hourly, 40 hours/week

 Purpose: To clean and provide a neat and orderly church building to assist in the various ministries of the church. 

 Serving Relationships: The Facilities Maintenance Coordinator is responsible to the Pastor, Trustee’s and Human Resources Committee.  Performance is evaluated by the Pastor, based on satisfactory accomplishment of assigned duties at Northside.

 Primary Responsibilities:

The Facilities Maintenance Coordinator has the responsibility for appearance, cleanliness, and maintenance of the church building and grounds.  The Facilities Maintenance Coordinator is responsible to keep the church appropriately set up for various church usage and for the ongoing maintenance and oversight of the building and equipment.

Scope of expectations:

  • Ensuring the church facility looks its best and is in clean and orderly condition.
  • Maintain building and equipment and ensure it is in good operating condition. (Including church van)
  • Set up and assistance in the preparation of the church building for worship services and other church events.
  • Assist staff with event set up, ministry set up, as needed.  (AWANA, VBS, Preschool, Children Ministry, etc.)
  • Move, assemble, and construct needed items. 
  • May be required to set up areas for special events after normal duty hours (i.e. weddings, conferences, luncheons, etc.)
  • Paint and repair walls. 
  • Oversee the operation of the heating, venting, and cooling (HVAC) system.
  • Change light bulbs, ballasts, washers, and fixtures.
  • Keep the church supplied with cleaning aids, toilet tissue, and paper towels. Cleans and sanitizes the rest rooms, including fixtures and doors. Strip, wax, and buff hard surfaces as necessary. Empties wastebaskets, vacuum carpeted areas, mop hard surfaces, clean windows, dust and clean shelves, furniture and hard wood surfaces. Ensure cleanliness of sanctuary, restrooms, classrooms, stairwells, hallways, foyers, kitchen, fellowship hall, offices, and baptismal area. 
  • Ensures the refuse containers are placed by the roadside at pickuptime.
  • Assist in preparation of an itemized annual budget for use by the Stewardship Committee.
  • Attend and participate in such meetings as regular staff meetings, “Discover Northside”, and other meetings as required by the Pastor.
  • Adhere to the Church Constitution and Bylaws and Personnel Policies adopted by the Church.
  • Serve with a smile, is cheerful and has a positive, Christ-like attitude.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Pastor. 
  • Schedule floors to be stripped, wax, and buff hard surfaces as necessary.
    Responsible for filling the baptismal tank and turning on the heater prior to baptism.
  • Do/Oversee landscaping and other outdoor campus updates and clean-up.


The Facilities Maintenance Coordinator must have a general knowledge of repair procedures for appliances and equipment. Must have the ability to climb ladders, use hazardous machines and cleaning fluids, and operate floor buffer.  Must be able to organize time and set priorities. Needs to have knowledge of how to design and budget costs for minor repair and renovation projects and implement same. Must be able to carry and move heavy objects weighing up to 50 pounds.  Work may be inside and/or outside, in warm or cold weather.


 Valley View Baptist Church in Vine Grove, KY, is prayerfully searching for a FULL-TIME ASSOCIATE PASTOR (Youth). In this position, you will develop and implement a ministry to youth (Grades 6-12), encouraging them to become fully committed followers of Jesus Christ who disciple others and who develop healthy Christian walks. You will serve as part of our pastoral team, so while your primary task will be student ministry, you will also have a pastoral role among the entire body.

 Our Student Ministry has the typical Sunday morning, evening, and Wednesday night time slots, as well as monthly events, a week at summer camp, mission projects, etc. The true emphasis of this ministry, however, is consistently building and nourishing Christ-centered relationships with students and their families. Frequent communication and engagement with students’ lives and events is a must. A full job description will be provided to candidates who are interviewed.

 While experience is preferred, varying degrees of experience and education will be considered for this position. Final compensation will vary based on candidate's qualifications, with a baseline annual compensation package beginning at $44,000.

 Please submit your resume (and cover letter, if desired) via e-mail for consideration:

 VVBC is in voluntary cooperation with the Lincoln Association of Baptists, Kentucky Baptist Convention, and Southern Baptist Convention. We hold to the Baptist Faith & Message (2000). 

First Baptist Church, Hodgenville is seeking a full-time senior pastor to lead people to a
life-changing and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
Located in Central Kentucky, this picturesque rural area is Abraham Lincoln's birthplace that
boasts an excellent school system, progressive tounst area and access to many major
The church adheres to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 Southern Baptist Principles.
Sunday worship service averages 200 people, an active youth and children's ministry, talented
music program, growing Sunday School and dedicated small group (D-Life) ministry.
Core responsibilities include:
Effective preaching of the Bible (Verse by Verse) with real life application
Providing compassionate concer and care to members of the church and community
Shepherding the congregation and provide leadership to the church staff members
Our requirements; include at least five years of pastoral experience and a level of education
from an accredited Southern Baptist Seminary or theological school (Master's degree preferred,
put not required
Interested men of God. dlease send resume to
FBC, Hodgenville Pastor Search Committee,
PO Box 186,
Hodgenville, KY 42748
or email to
All information submitted will remain confidential and be seen by the Pastor Search Committee Only 



Service Title: Operations Coordinator Status/Hours: Part Time Support Staff, Hourly
Serving Relationships: The Operations Coordinator is responsible to the Pastor and the Human Resource Committee. The Operations Coordinator receives guidance from the Pastor, Human Resource Committee, Stewardship Committee, and Church Treasurer. Performance is evaluated by the Pastor and the Human Resource Committee, based on satisfactory accomplishment of assigned duties at Northside.
Primary Responsibilities:
The Operations Coordinator has the responsibility to take care of and report finances of the church, provide clerical support where required and is responsible for processing and maintaining confidential personnel records.
Purpose: Maintain church financial records for receipt and distribution of funds, prepare
scheduled financial reports, administer Human Resource/personnel policies, and provide office
and clerical support for the church as needed.
Scope of expectations:
Maintain financial records and files of the church. Pay incoming bills and maintain a record of contributions for local missions of the church.
Keep accurate records of monies received, disbursed, and deposited. Reconcile monthly bank statements and correct ledgers as needed.
Responsible for submitting Federal, State, and Local taxes.
Sign checks in accordance with church policies and procedures. Verify supporting data for each check request.
Maintain an individual record of member contributions. Prepare and mail member annual contribution statements in January.
Keep Pastor informed of any trends or changes in fiscal matters.
Work alongside the Church’s external accounting firm in the preparation and review of financial records.
Submit accurate financial records for annual audit according to church policy and incorporate any audit findings or recommendations.
Assist various requesting committees in preparing and maintaining their budgets.
Prepare, issue and/or receive purchase orders which are necessary for items
purchased by committees or other authorized church members. Ensure the
purchase orders are within the approved budget and meet other requirements.
Make monthly and annual reports to the Stewardship Committee and financial reports for deacon and church business meetings as needed.
Rev. 03/2022 

• Maintain financial records pertaining to staff payroll, Christmas gifts, bonuses, travel expenses, insurance, etc. Assist HR Committee and Pastor in the annual review of staff insurance policies and retirement benefits.
• Conduct new employee orientations.
• Work with the HR Committee and Pastor in developing Statements of Employment
Offers for prospective candidates of staff and/or pastoral positions and
reviewing/recommending changes to the Personnel Policies.
• Process and maintain employee leave, vacation, and performance review records.
• Maintain employee records in a secure location in hard copy and electronic form.
• Process and maintain current background checks for preschool workers, in
partnership with the Preschool Director.
• Post labor laws notices as required by the State of Kentucky.
• Provide clerical assistance, answer the telephone, prepare correspondence, maintain
volunteer schedule, and perform other administrative duties as necessary
• Receive visitors and refer them to an appropriate staff member or department. This task may be delegated to the volunteer receptionist on duty as needed.
• Attend and participate in such meetings as regular staff meetings, “Discover Northside”, and other meetings as required by the Pastor.
• Perform other duties as assigned by the Pastor.
The Operations Coordinator must have previous administrative work experience, and be a self-motivated professional with excellent communication and organizational skills. Financial, and bookkeeping background preferred with basic labor law knowledge, tax knowledge, and understanding. Must be proficient in the use of office and financial software such as Microsoft Office and QuickBooks. Must be able to maintain confidentiality in areas such as financial records and human resource issues. Must be able to multi-task, be flexible in their job routine, work as a team member in a collaborative environment and interact well with church staff, church members, and other guests/visitors. A degree in business is preferred, but not required.
Adhere to the Church Constitution and Bylaws and Personnel Policies adopted by
the Church.
Serve with a smile, is cheerful, and has a positive, Christ-like attitude.
Rev. 03/2022

JOB DESCRIPTION: Bivocational Senior Pastor

The Journey Baptist Church, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

A Southern Baptist Church


The Journey Baptist Church is a small Southern Baptist fellowship in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Founded in 2011 as a house church, The Journey is a welcoming and diverse community of Christ-followers with an informal and contemporary worship style, along with a strong commitment to Biblical integrity and life transformation. The church has deep roots in local addiction recovery ministries and has a track record of faithfully supporting state, national and international missions.

 Located 50 minutes from Louisville and 15 minutes from Fort Knox, Elizabethtown is a vibrant and family-friendly community with a population of approximately 30,000 people from a cross-section of ethnicities, cultures, and religions. “E-town” includes a historic downtown, scenic neighborhoods, and a beautiful park, along with thriving business, recreation, and education offerings. It’s a great place to live.

 We are seeking a Bivocational Senior Pastor to shepherd our church body toward more fruitful service for the greater advancement of God’s kingdom in our local community and beyond, as we embark on a new phase of The Journey’s role in the unfolding of God’s great redemption story.


 The Senior Pastor is responsible to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and to teach the Bible in a way which clearly communicates the practical impact of the message on our lives and choices. The Senior Pastor will engage in pastoral care ministries, as he leads the church body in answering God’s calling on the people of The Journey at such a time as this. The Senior Pastor shall exercise oversight of all areas of church life and of the staff, both ministerial and non-ministerial. The Senior Pastor will be a vision caster, leading the church to understand, embrace, and accomplish its mission to make disciples both locally and globally.


 Senior Pastor Roles

• Preacher/Teacher: The principal communicator of God’s Word, in public worship and in biblical instruction (cf. Acts 6:4; II Timothy 4:1-5; Titus 1:9)
• Shepherd: Models the heart of the Chief Shepherd and ensures that the church is well-led, cared for, and protected (cf. Acts 20:28; I Peter 5:1-4)
• Equipper: Partners with other leaders to empower and equip members for significant service and ministry by discovering, developing, and deploying their spiritual gifts; ensures that the Church is growing to maturity in Christ (cf. Ephesians 4:11-14; II Timothy 2:2)
• Elder/Overseer: The principal leader, vision caster, and shepherd of the church (cf. Acts 20:28; Philippians 1:1; I Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; I Peter 5:1-4)
• Evangelist: Models the practice of personal evangelism and ensures that the church is challenged and equipped to be obedient to the Great Commission (cf. II Timothy 4:5; Matthew 28:19)

 Senior Pastor Responsibilities

• Effectively proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and lead the congregation in support of ongoing Bible teaching and discipleship ministries.
• Work with church leadership to clearly set forth vision, mission, goals, and service opportunities which members can understand and support. 
• Equip, educate, and edify the church, leading members to embrace and to exercise their God-given gifts to build up the body of Christ and to make disciples both locally and globally.
• Exercise biblical authority in matters of governance and discipline as set forth in the constitution and bylaws.
• Model and mentor others in an authentic Christian lifestyle and witness.
• Participate in the planning of worship services and events, and equip staff and lay leaders to successfully coordinate those services and events.
• Provide pastoral care as requested, for example, biblical counseling, marriage counseling, weddings, and funeral services.
• Partner with the elders and church members in care ministries, such as visiting the sick and homebound.
• Oversee and lead (includes delegation of tasks) community outreach ministries and events.
• Oversee staff development and ensure that ministerial staff has the resources necessary to fulfill their duties and responsibilities.
• Cooperate with associational, state, and denominational leaders in matters of mutual interest and support the work of Southern Baptist missions and the Cooperative Program.
• Effectively plan, prioritize and manage schedule, balancing Senior Pastor job duties with family and other responsibilities in a healthy and God-honoring way. 


• Called of God and set apart to the gospel ministry, called by the Holy Spirit and confirmed by a body of believers through ordination (Acts 20:28; Titus 1:5; 1 Timothy 3:1)
• Agrees with the statements in the “Baptist Faith and Message” (2000 revision)
• Qualified to minister in the church as required in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9
• Committed to living and serving in a manner consistent with the standards set forth in Scripture
• Exemplifies a godly character, is compassionate toward others, and demonstrates a high level of competence
• Possesses at least a 4-year Bible college degree from an accredited institution
• Has established a demonstrably strong track record of consistent faithfulness to Christ and effectiveness in the duties of a pastor

 In addition to the foregoing, the ideal candidate is a man motivated and energized by his close walk with Christ and by afirm conviction of God’s pastoral ministry calling on his life. He exudes love for God, love for people, and a sense of urgency for sharing Christ with others. He is an effective communicator, a self-starter, and a self-disciplined leader who enjoys mentoring and partnering with other believers. He has Christlike compassion for the broken, relates well to people of all backgrounds, and is uncompromising in his faithfulness to Scripture.


The Senior Pastor will be expected to maintain a flexible work schedule, with long and irregular work hours at times. He will need to fulfill his day-to-day responsibilities consistently and with little to no supervision. He will need to decisively adjust his activities when needed in response to unplanned challenges and crises requiring his leadership or pastoral careHe will need to keep regular office hours (by mutual agreement). He will need to exercise wisdom to follow through on commitments while balancing multiple tasks simultaneously. 

 While the Senior Pastor job by its very nature is intense and demanding, The Journey’s pastor will not be expected to “do it all.” He will be expected to proactively and regularly communicate with the elders (and with other leaders as applicable) regarding opportunities for them and for the church body to support him in healthy fulfillment of his job duties, through mentoring, training, and co-laboring consistent with members’ God-given gifts.

COMPENSATION$25,000 - $35,000


Email your resume and a cover letter to

Or mail them to:

Pastor Search Committee

c/o The Journey Baptist Church

P.O. Box 1593

Elizabethtown, KY 42702